GREENs prepares and serves food that is fresh, tasty, varied and rich in vitamins. Wherever possible, we use regional products. This benefits our producers in Brandenburg and is gentle on the environment. Organic produce makes up at least 36 percent of our spending. Most of the fruit and vegetables we use in our meals are seasonal. We also have high standards for our fish and meat, and we only use beef that has been certified organic. We select and prepare our food in line with the principles of a healthy diet. This involves serving lots of fruits and vegetables, some animal products, and the absolute minimum of fatty, sugary foods. None of our menus include ready meals and we do our best to avoid processed foods. We do not use preservatives, thickeners, flavour enhancers, colouring, alcohol or genetically modified food. Some dishes may (very occasionally) contain additives, but this will be clearly marked on the menu.