GREENs produce meals for children and teenagers. Our menus are varied, with a choice of two dishes every day, and respond to the individual needs of each age group. We consult regularly with our customers, and these discussions underpin the way we plan, design and prepare our food. We provide vegetarian alternatives and upon request meals that are free from specific types of meat and fish.


GREENs keeps its delivery distances short, which means our food is as fresh as possible when it arrives on your child’s plate. Our meals are served onsite by friendly, dedicated and competent staff. It goes without saying that we always begin serving at the agreed times.


GREENs offers a choice of serving options.

Individual choice, “I decide what I want to eat”: Our staff serve each child individually at the canteen. Children then take their plates back to their tables to eat.

Group choice, “We decide what the group eats”: The food is served in bowls brought to the tables by our service staff.


GREENs delivers all of its products in environmentally friendly reusable packaging.


If you like what you’ve just read, why not try us out for yourself? Contact our sales team to arrange a trial meal.