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GREENs designs meals for children and teenagers. Our menus are varied, with a choice of different dishes every day, and respond to the individual needs of each age group. We will not serve the same menu twice within a four-week period. Information on the menus will be made available for a four-week period, in good time and at no extra charge.


GREENs offers two different menus per day. The meals in Menu 1 will not contain pork, while the meals in Menu 2 will occasionally contain pork. Each day, one of the menus (1 or 2) will be vegetarian, i.e. it will contain no meat.



Olympiapark menus



GREENs handles the bistro catering at Olympiapark in Berlin. We serve snacks and lunches for visitors and the staff working at the clubs and facilities on the site.
Mon. to Fri.: 12 – 3 p.m.
We can also provide catering for events. Call us to find out more:
Tel.: +49 (0)30 93 95 66 11